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2 Tips How To Bet That Are Guaranteed to Increase Your Profits

Here are 2 simple tips on how to bet that are so basic and so in your face that you are probably bored to death of hearing about them.

These are also totally overlooked by a small minority costing themselves £1000’s – DO NOT make the same mistake.

Before we establish the 2 tips on how to bet that are statistically proven to increase your betting returns we need to know when and where to place your bets

Where you bet?

You have 3 options here…

  1. High Street Bookmaker
  2. Betting Exchanges – Betfair
  3. Online Bookmaker – Bet365

High Street Bookmaker

There are 2 reasons you might prefer a high street bookmaker (where the squeeze on profits from the £2 limit on FOBT’s has been mitigated by sacking any form of cleaners – particularly in the toilets).

  1. Instant Payouts
    Get paid out in minutes in cash unless you win more than about £100 in which case you’ll be asked ‘is it ok to put it back on your card?

    Hopefully this is not a deciding factor.

  2. Atmosphere
    This can be a positive or negative depending on your preference – however spending money in a high street bookmakers is not compulsory – you can still bet from your phone whilst enjoying your 1980’s tv set…

The negatives are extensive:

  1. Bad Odds – odds in the shops are worse than odds online due to lack of competition
  2. Bad Offers – poor offer availability (lack of Best Odds Guaranteed), or limited offer terms
  3. Bad Value – you are essentially achieving the worst of all worlds and costing yourself money

Verdict: Avoid High Street Bookmakers

Betting Exchanges

Betfair was a game changer – is it still the case or have the online bookmakers fought back?

Here are the positives:

  1. Good Late Market Liquidity – generally possible to get a good bet laid immediately before a race
  2. Better Odds Near Off – Prices near the start of the race are normally higher than bookmakers
  3. Ability to Lay – Backing a horse to lose is very useful in certain circumstances
  4. Easy to Use – Great website and mobile websites\app

The positives for Betfair late in the day are also some of the negatives early in the day:

  1. Poor Early Market Liquidity – hard to get any decent bet laid in the hours before a race
  2. Best Odds Guaranteed – this is a huge issue with Betfair. If you bet early you DO NOT get Best Odds Guaranteed. This is extremely costly and seriously affects your returns.
  3. Poor Each-Way Betting Support. It is hard to place an each-way bet with 2 seperate markets and poor market liquidity
  4. Withdrawal Speed – In general takes 1 day too long

Verdict: Betfair is useful for laying bets and getting on late in the day without Best Odds Guaranteed

Online Bookmakers

Online Bookmakers have faced an increasingly competitive market place and competition leads to value for the customer…

There is one feature – originally introduced by bet365 – that Betfair or the High Street bookies can’t match. Used properly it is the single biggest factor to increasing your betting returns:

  1. Best Odds Guaranteed – I cannot overstate the importance of Best Odds Guaranteed enough…

    I’m sure you know how it works:

    Back a selection at 3/1 with bet365:

    Horse wins at 4/1, you are paid at 4/1
    Horse wins at 2/1, you are paid at 3/1

    So you are paid at the best price either way and this WILL make a huge difference to your returns IF you follow the 2 rules below.

  2. Place decent bets – bet365 lay decent bets in comparison to other online bookmakers
  3. Easy To Use – Easy to Use Website, Mobile Website and App
  4. Markets – Large number of markets in addition to horse racing
  5. Live Streaming – More live streaming than any other site
  6. Fast Payouts – Payouts arrive in 2 days as opposed to 3 days with many online bookmakers


  1. Best Odds Guaranteed – can be withdrawn from individual accounts.
  2. Winning Accounts can be limited – an issue when winning too much for their comfort

Verdict: bet365 revolutionised online bookmaking to take on Betfair with Best Odds Guaranteed

The 2 Tips on How To Bet that are GUARANTED to Increase Your Horse Racing Betting Returns:

To absolutely maximise your returns, always:

Tip 1:

Bet between 10am and 11am

Tip 2:

Get on with Best Odds Guaranteed from bet365

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