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Do You Want An Edge with Your Horse Racing Bets?

Of course you do… I mean no-one willingly places losing horse racing bets – right?

The REAL question is whether my horse racing tips can provide you with an edge?

There are unlimited tips available across every horse racing site you come across with everyone professing to be an expert – so why bother with mine?

btw – are free horse racing tips really free when you factor in what losing horse racing bets actually cost you!?

Everyone – hopefully – knows that not every horse racing bet will win. Everyone also knows that the bookmakers always win… but they do not win every bet (more about that later).

With every horse racing bet what we are looking at is an edge – something that potentially swings the odds in our favour and finding an edge is exactly what my service is about and I’ll explain why…

I have now been involved in over 30 race horses as either owner or breeder but my background is in mathmatics and I.T. (I also designed this site and all of its functionality- like it?) – horse racing betting was always a hobby.

Over the last 10 years I have successfully launched and sold 3 successful websites that I developed in partnership with various people who are a little happier being the ‘front-man’ – which has little appeal to me.

2 years ago with financial freedom and a lot more time available – I started downloading race cards and odds from online bookmakers and Betfair into my own databases.

I’ve always used a highly statistical approach to finding my horse racing bets, but I’ve also developed excellent relationships with other owners and trainers that affords me information on race horses that doesn’t exist in the statistics…

Direct information from those in the know about horses is only useful when balanced with a complete understanding of the form in a race and the respective betting markets.

The essential thing about any ‘book’ for any given horse race is not all the odds are accurate (bookmakers also don’t care about this – they are simply guided by weight of money).

It means the Expected Value on some bets will be positive because the Expected Value on others will be negative – the stronger the Expected Value the stronger the bet.

People with ‘information’ very rarely know how to use it. People with a great understanding of ‘form and statistics’ often lack useful information…

My service combines the best of both worlds to give you what I regard as one of the highest quality betting services available.

The 7-Day Free Trial of my service is exactly that – a chance to try my service totally free for 1 week and you will be provided with the exact horse racing bets I am placing.

Memberships to my service carry a premium that is befitting of the service provided…

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    • Unfortunately he didn’t run as well as hoped but thankfully we got our losses back with Flying Angel (4/1) in the 2.40 Ascot to put us in profit for the day 🙂

      Hope you were on?


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