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Inside Track Vs Insider Alerts: ‘Positive Vs Negative’ Information

If you are lucky enough to have owned a race horse you will know that winning is a rare occurance – it happens a lot less often than not winning and it’s not a bad thing.

Every horse will have conditions to suit or be targeted at a particular race or meeting at sometime in the future.

It doesn’t mean horses aren’t trying – just for reasons known to connections – it is just a lot less likely to be their day.

This is the reason that many horses can drift in the betting markets as the market readjusts for the lack of confidence around a horse.

Positive information regarding a runner can be extremely significant and indicate a strong betting opportunity.

Both ‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ information from connections is extremely useful when assessing potential betting opportunities.

Inside Track – 0 to 3 bets a day, 1 – 5 points advised stakes

Inside Track Membership

‘Negative Information’ regarding 1 or more runners in a race will create positive ‘Expected Value’ scenarios for other horses in a race.

Essentially by adjusting the odds on some runners to reflect negative information we receive we are shortening the odds on other runners which creates a positive ‘Expected Value’.

As negative information is a lot more prevelant than positive information – but also not quite as indicative – we have a larger number of bets lower to medium strength bets.

‘Inside Track’ offers 0 to 3 bets a day advised with between 1 to 5 points staked from as little as £2.04/day*

Insider Alerts – 0 to 3 bets a week, 10 point advised stakes

‘Positive Information’ regarding a runner in a race, particularly if there are other runners with a negatives in the race – will create a very strong ‘Expected Value’ for the horse in question.

With positive information being less frequent (mainly because horses lose more often than win), we have a small number of bets that are stronger by nature.

After proper analysis, strong positive information for a runner will potentially lead to a MAX 10 point bet advised.

‘Insider Alerts’ offers offers 0 to 3 bets a week advised with 10 point advised stakes from as little as £2.04/day*

* with an annual membership package

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